Introduction to Shibori technique for the Fashion & Textile Design option on the Art Foundation

Discovering new artistic techniques

On Wednesday, 15th May, art foundation students taking the Fashion & Textile Design option had the opportunity to discover the Japanese artistic technique of Shibori. As part of an Indigo workshop, they were introduced to this particular practice of resist dyeing, through the binding of fabric—a technique also known as "tie-dye".

To do this, the young artists at Atelier de Sèvres used pieces of natural-fibre fabrics such as linen, hemp, jute or silk, in light colours or equally with patterns or stripes.

The results of this workshop will be exhibited during the open days on 18th-19th May, 2019.

Which specialised subject to choose for the art foundation?

The art foundation course consists of a core curriculum for all students, built around the fundamental artistic disciplines. This is supplemented by a specialised subject that students choose at the beginning of the year:

- Textile/fashion design

- Photography/Video

- Art

- Graphic design/Illustration

- Architecture/set design/space

- Design

This additional specialism allows students to further a technique and to be aware of all of its specificities.