The admission interview is not an exam but an opportunity for discussion, during which the candidate can express their motivation and their interest in art. The admissions officer assesses the candidate's general and artistic background, mental readiness and level of investment. By joining the Atelier de Sèvres, students commit to an enriching but difficult journey.
This must contain recent personal work, such as sketchbooks, drawings, photos, models, engraving, films - there is no mandatory content. The portfolio must, above all, reflect the candidate's current level, achievements and creativity.
Not necessarily. Drawing is a discipline in its own right that will be taught or honed during the training.
Depending on the profile of the candidate and their wishes, the admissions manager may possibly offer access to the Intermedia art and animation foundation courses. These are reserved for candidates with greater experience or an artistic background. If the candidate is interested in this course, they should inform the person in charge, who reserves the right to accept or reject their application.