A greater artistic experience

Animation Foundation

The Atelier de Sèvres offers a solid and intensive course for students wishing to join animation schools. The mission of the Intermedia classes is to develop and perfect techniques related to directing, scripting and animation.

Succeeding in competitions

The Intermedia Animation Foundation course is, on one hand, centred around teaching linked to drawing and expression, cinema and animation culture classes, and storyline classes, and, on the other hand, around specific training spread over the year.

Acquiring Artistic Essentials

As such, directing workshops address the main animation techniques and are furthered by accompanying lectures. Workshops, trips to European festivals and individual monitoring for the preparation of the competitive exams (viva panels, portfolio guidance) are accompanied by an e-learning contact with a concept artist abroad in order to give students the greatest advantages

Intensive Preparation for the Competitive Exams

Teaching intensifies from January onwards: in addition to following classes, workshops and viva exams, there are mock competitive exams, writing workshops (help with writing statements of intent and personal statements), lectures and workshops.

L’Atelier de Sèvres prepares students for the best animation schools: Gobelins, Rubika, EMCA (Angoulême), Georges Méliès, etc.

Discover the projects students have presented at
the competitive exams for art and animation schools


Discover the projects students have presented at
the competitive exams for art and animation schools


In addition to the classes taught by professionals and the teaching methods implemented, Atelier de Sèvres provides its students with some of the best and most extensive technical and teaching equipment, which is fully included in the tuition fees: studios and workshop for sound, video and computer graphics, digital tablets, line tests and cameras (on-camera techniques), as well as the computer equipment and software necessary for their training.