A greater artistic experience

Art foundation

The Intermedia Art Foundation course at l’Atelier de Sèvres offers a programme adapted to students with greater artistic experience, whether from a technical, creative or personal perspective.


Acquiring artistic essentials

Students benefit from individual monitoring of their work from the very beginning of the year, both in their research and in the development of their portfolio.

The week is structured around five days of lessons, amounting to around 27 hours, plus an equal quantity of work to be provided outside of the school. A viva exam takes place at the end of the first term in order for students to assess their progress, to express themselves orally and ascertain the distance that remains to be covered before the competitive exams.

Intensive preparation for the competitive exams

Teaching intensifies from January onwards. In addition to following classes, workshops and viva exams, students benefit from:

- Mock competitive exams
- Writing workshops (help with writing statements of intent and personal statements)
- Conferences led by teachers, directors of studies or directors of grande école art schools.
- Art and design workshops 

Furthermore, each student is supervised by a portfolio director who helps them in the development and monitoring of their artistic portfolio to be presented at the competitive exam.

L’Atelier de Sèvres prepares students for the most prestigious art schools: Beaux-Arts (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, etc.), Arts Déco (ENSAD), ECALSaint MartinsLa CambreHEAR, etc.

Découvrez ici les Discover the competitive exam results here

Discover the projects students have presented at
the competitive exams for art and animation schools


Discover the projects students have presented at
the competitive exams for art and animation schools


Atelier de Sèvres comprises 2,500m² of spaces dedicated to creation. Students work in creative workshops that then become exhibition spaces when their projects are finished. Atelier de Sèvres provides students with a photography/video studio equipped with cutting-edge technical equipment, as well as a construction workshop and an engraving studio. These self-service tools enable students to shape their creativity and projects as they wish in an ideal setting.