Join the second year of the animation degree course

The animation degree course at Atelier de Sèvres offers direct admission into the second year via an entrance exam. You have until May 17th to send off your enrollment form!

Direct admission to the second year

To have the chance to join the animation degree course in the second year, the candidate must have an advanced level of drawing, but also know the basic techniques in 2-D animation (traditional and digital), have a high level of oral and written expression and be skilled in experimentation, creativity and teamwork.

If the candidate wishes to go straight into the second year of the course, they must have the profile of a writer-director of audiovisual works with hybrid techniques, be open-minded and, above all, be curious.

How do you join the second year of the animation degree course?

Candidates must register for the entrance exam. Next date: 27th May for the written test, and from 27th to 31st May for the oral exams. To have the opportunity to take the entrance exam, candidates must submit their completed form before 17th May.

What do the written test and interview consist of?

The written test takes place over the course of one day. It is based on writing and creativity through a storyboard around a given theme.

In a second phase, eligible candidates are invited to come for an interview about their portfolio.

Download the entrance exam registration form