Two animation students selected for the next season of “En sortant de l’école”

Valentine Vendroux and Raphaël Jouzeau, students on the animation degree course, will be among the upcoming directors of this hit series.

Two students soon to be directors of a successful series

Last February, Atelier de Sèvres welcomed Delphine Maury, founder of the production company Tant Mieux Prod and co-creator of the series En sortant de l’école—a programme paying homage to poets over 13 episodes.

For each season of this successful programme, the producer calls upon young graduates from animation schools to animate the texts of legendary poets. Seeking talent for the next season, Delphine Maury visited schools to find her future directors.

Following her visit, some students on the animation degree course at Atelier de Sèvres submitted a proposal to Delphine Maury, hoping to see their name appear in the list of upcoming directors.

And, good news! Two students from the animation degree course have been selectedValentine Vendroux and Raphael Jouzeau. Both students will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming season of En sortant de l’école, which will pay homage to Paul Verlaine. The poems on which they will work will be assigned at a writing residency in Fontevraud supervised by Delphine Maury—a unique experience!

In 2017, Robin Vouters, a student on the Intermedia Art Foundation course, was selected to adapt the poem “Tu te lèves, l’eau se déplie” by Paul Eluard.

En sortant de l’école, a series produced by Tant Mieux Prod and France Télévisions

A one of a kind series, En sortant de l’école pays tribute to legendary poets in 13 episodes each lasting three minutes. These are each short films made by recent graduates of animation schools.

Each season is broadcast on France 3 and is watched by millions of viewers. The first season, hailed by the animation industry, received the Cristal for a TV Production at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2014 and the Laurier Jeunesse award for TV and Radio.