"Visions de villes", a student animation project for the Mifa Campus

The Atelier de Sèvres animation degree students collaborated with students from Emile Cohl School in Lyon and Lasalle College of Art in Singapore on the theme "Visions de Villes" (visions of the city).

Promoting animated film around the world

Animated film is a rich and flourishing universe and CITIA, the organisers of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, want to promote this industry around the world.

It is within this framework of disseminating animated cinema that CITIA regularly calls upon French schools to join them in this process.

In January 2018, it was the Emile Cohl drawing school in Lyon and Atelier de Sèvres that travelled to Singapore, accompanied by the French Embassy in Singapore, to discover the animation industry and industry professionals in the country, as well as its schools, including the Lasalle College of Art.

This trip gave rise to a unique project, which is educational and enriching for the students of the three schools.

Paris, Lyon, Singapore

Fourth-year students from the Emile Cohl school in Lyon, students from Lasalle College of Art and the second year students of the animation degree course worked on the theme of “visions of the city”.

Each school had the opportunity to make one-and-a-half minute animated films on the given subject. The animation degree course students animated their vision of the city of Paris.

Presented to the MIFA CAMPUS at the Annecy Festival on 11th June, a jury will decide between the student projects. One film per school will be selected and will have the chance to travel around the world. Atelier de Sèvres will present eight animated films in total.