10 students from the animation degree course form Collectif 99°

Having recently graduated from the animation degree course at Atelier de Sèvres, 10 students come together to form Collectif 99°.

A collective for the future

They are young, their collective is new and yet people are already talking about them! So, who are they? Ten students, all between the ages of 22 and 26, the first year to graduate from the animation degree course, completing the course just a few months ago. 

Fresh out of school, they got together to create Collectif 99°.

The team

Gianni Bouyeure, artist, 2-D animator and director. He likes to “tell stories with characters who live, grow, tear each other to pieces and patch things up again. Stories that you feel."

Marie Deboissy, director, concept artist and animator, whose work is strongly influenced by cinema, colours, nature, travel and painting.

Etienne Faivre, director, animator and illustrator, says he is "fascinated by various paintings by masters and by many virtuoso animation sequences."

Clara Franciosi, passionate about both painting and comics, it is "through the caricature of small details of life that she is really in her element."

Raphaël Jouzeau, artist, illustrator, director. He defines himself as an image handyman: "He tells stories where the real and the fantastic collide. He talks about love and adventures, love affairs, but, above all, love."

Emmanuelle Mohnblatt, director, animator and illustrator. In her stories, she enjoys exploring human relationships, whether through love, power or a combination of the two. 

David Stora, "at ease with images and sounds, he uses his hands to make music, illustrations and animations with the same goal: to tell stories".

Tristan Tréhin, who studied on the animation foundation course at Atelier de Sèvres, is passionate about the Stop-Motion technique.

And, Valentine Vendroux, director, animator and illustrator, who also studied on the animation foundation course at Atelier de Sèvres and is particularly interested in the body and its movements.

Upcoming projects...

Collectif 99° can already boast of having produced the animated music video for the British group HMLTD. Entitled “Why?", it was lauded by journalists at Les Inrocks: "A magnificent music video that takes us into an imaginary, dreamlike and highly referenced world."

Another project is the music video for Night Out in Paris by Tony Stone, the voice of the Canadian RnB group Planet Giza.

And currently being made is the next music video for the young singer LNouR.

Finally, Raphaël Jouzeau and Valentine Vendroux are currently taking part in the production of the next season of En sortant de l’école, which pays tribute to Paul Verlaine.

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